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Obsidian Crystal Ball Crushed By Hydraulic Press I Cut My Finger

Oct 22, 2016 In this video I crush a large obsidian crystal ball with a hydraulic press. I knew that this ball would be trouble because of how explosive glass

Can a hydraulic press crush a diamond into oblivion? CNET

May 16, 2016 The hulking strength of a hydraulic press goes up against a diamond in a highpriced Crushing Real Diamond with Hydraulic Press decided to see how a diamond would hold up against its beast of a squishing machine.

What is the best crusher machine? Quora

Also I will introduce the crushers of our company with hammer crusher, impact crusher, reliable performance, stable operation, and low energy consumption. For example, in a cone crusher, hydraulic cone crushers are certainly better than

Exploding Balls Compilation Obsidian Fushigi Jaw Breaker

Nov 7, 2016 In this video I look back at some of my favorite balls getting crushed by the hydraulic press. First I show when I crushed an obsidian crystal ball

Watch machines crush your favorite everyday Business Insider

Apr 4, 2016 The Hydraulic Press Channel on is really crushing it.