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Hitachi Recycling

This site has been created as part of Hitachi's response to the EU directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The aim of this site is to

Metal Recycling Equipment Hitachi Construction Machinery

In order to assist you with this kind of recycling, Hitachi has developed a broad bucket crushers, pulverizers and other crushers that break down concrete into

Application Recycling equipment Hitachi Industrial Equipment

Hitachi Motors and Drives are widely used in various recycling equipment such as crushers, softing machines, melting machines, etc. Recycling equipment.

Recycling of Resources Hitachi HighTechnologies GLOBAL

Hitachi Hightechnologies is tackling the basic issues faced by global society, and aiming to realize a sustainable world through innovation.

Hitachi Recycle Crawler Crusher

Self Propelled Crusher with Rearward Discharge Belt Conveyor. Hitachi Recycle Crawler Crusher The Hitachi Recycle Crusher HR240G. The 10tonne Class